The planning of a wedding is a load, filled with lots of options, which could be quite daunting to deal with. Thanks to wedding website professionals like, Wedding Website Singapore, you can now easily get a wedding website to alleviate most of the trouble. However, there are still a few important elements that require your input.

One of the basics of a wedding website that you should keenly look into when creating one is the domain name. Just like in business, the name of your wedding website should be something that is unique, truly reflects who you are as well as the theme of the occasion. The following are some creative wedding website names, inspiration and tips to guide you;

Keep it short but, catchy

Your wedding should not be something that people will easily forget. Therefore, avoid using very long names. Instead of using all your two names, simply include just the first or last names. In case there is a shorter version of your names, those can make the best combination. In most occasions, we are easily identified by our last names. However, you can still use what appeal to you provided its short.

While brainstorming for your wedding website’s domain name, you should also remember that symbols like, & are not recommended. Some examples of well written website domain names that you can refer to include;,,

Going by the examples given above, you will notice that one of the domain names does not have .COM. Although most people are familiar with the .COM domain, using .wedding can give your site a more romantic appeal, which is quite important in getting your guests excited for the occasion. Besides, the .COM domain is mainly a commercial title that you may not really want to associate with your love story.

Consider including year and place

Adding the year and place of your wedding to the domain name could seem like making the phrase much longer. But, they can be creatively combined to bring out a sense of timelessness and extravagance to your ceremony. Adding the year and place of your wedding could also be better alternatives in cases whereby your preferred domain name has already been used.

Examples of wedding website domain names with year and place include;,

Carefully proofread your domain name before submission

Most couples are often too excited about weddings that they usually fail to even think about what their website domain names say. Sometimes, the combination may sound brilliant but, means a totally different thing to the public. Before putting up that name on your wedding website, try to even ask around from friends to find out if it has another meaning that would jeopardise your event in any way.

At Wedding Singapore, we understand the kind of stress that choosing the right domain name for your wedding website could put you through. As such, we have a creative team of experts ready to assist you in formulating the perfect domain name, also build an incredible wedding website that truly meets your desires for the big day.


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