Why do you need a Wedding Website?

Planning a wedding can be a hectic and time consuming affair. A wedding website is important in simplifying the process of preparation for the wedding. Firstly, through a wedding website, it is easy for you to manage the process of preparation for the wedding. By setting up a wedding website, you can send invites to friends and family, get RSVPs, set up a virtual wedding gift list and receive confirmations on the invited guests who will be attending the wedding. Therefore, through the wedding website, you can receive information that will be essential in preparation for the wedding day. For instance, you can develop more accurate meal budgets and develop sitting plans before the day of the wedding. In addition, the wedding website also minimizes the paper trail for the wedding thus making it easier to manage the wedding. For example, wedding invitations are sent online eliminating the need for wedding cards.

A wedding website would also minimize your expenditure for the wedding by minimizing phone bills except for essential communications. The website can also help you save time in communication as all the people targeted by a piece of communication receive the information at the same time. Lastly, a wedding website would make it easier for you to communicate any changes in wedding plans to the attendees. For example, communicating a change in venue for the wedding would be easier over a wedding website than through placing phone calls to all the attendees.

Customization & Personalization

At Wedding Website Singapore, we understand that the needs of every customer are unique. This is why we offer customization and personalization services. Our team of computer experts are highly trained to meet the unique needs of every customer. Our customized websites are designed to meet your tastes and preferences. We follow every one of your instructions to ensure that you are satisfied with the end product. Through our post-transaction follow up, we review and offer you the chance to request changes on the website even after the website has been launched.

Wedding Website Singapore offers the most affordable, beudget and competitive wedding website package and pricing in Singapore! Our customization & personalization service offers to our wedding website will make your wedding website unique and different!

Wedding Ceremony & Locations

It is important that the prospective attendees should know the location of the wedding ceremony before the date of the wedding. This allows for smooth operations on the actual date of the wedding and helps avoid confusion which could arise during the wedding caused by guests arriving late or going to wrong locations. The wedding ceremony equips you with the ability to give directions to the guests on how to get to the location of the wedding. Moreover, the website also helps you inform the guests if there are any travel arrangements, such as buses, to transport the guests to the site of the wedding. Moreover, a wedding website would also equip you with the ability to inform guests on the date and time the wedding will start. If any changes occur to the wedding location or wedding schedule, it would be easy to communicate such changes to guests through your wedding website.

No Need for Wedding Cards

Designing, printing and sending wedding cards can be an expensive and time consuming process. Luckily, our websites eliminate the need for wedding cards. You can send invites to all your desired contacts easily through the wedding website. Eliminating the need for wedding cards minimizes the time consumed in designing and printing, and saves on money used in printing the cards. Moreover, delivery of the invites in instant thus effectively eliminating delays and risks of misplacement during manual posting of the cards. Through the website, you can effectively send invites to contacts even in the remotest locations instantly.

Share Love Story, Best man, Bridesmaid & Gallery

Having attendees that is aware of your love story increases the romantic atmosphere of your wedding. Wedding Website Singapore offers you the opportunity to share your love story with the attendees through our custom websites. You can also narrate the story of your relationship with the best man and the bridesmaid through the website. Additionally, you can create a picture and video gallery that would chronicle the story of your love through photographs and videos.

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