Today, almost every engaged couple has a dedicated wedding website. And, this has indeed helped many couples successfully deal with the challenges of planning and executing wedding activities. However, this should not be taken to mean that you should simply rush into creating a wedding website without knowing the basic features that makes it useful and appealing.

There are various things that should be included on a wedding website to enable it serve the intended purpose of informing your guests about the occasion. In case you are wondering what to put on your wedding website, below are some of the key features;

Your love story or relationship

Even if you assume all your guests known both of you too well, it is always advisable to give a short description of how your love started. For instance, you can tell shortly when and how you came to know each other until the time you decided to tie the knot. On this section, you can also share your interests, occupations and a few things that can give the guests a clearer picture of the couple.


Photos always say so much more that you cannot easily express using words. Adding them onto your wedding website will also add a strong sense of beauty to the platform, enabling you to easily convince guests to join you on the big day. You can include pre engagement and engagement photos and some of your favourite shots together. However, just be careful not to include so many photos that will take your guests several hours going through.

Your wedding website photo gallery should include just a few but, outstanding photos of you and your fiancée or fiancé.

Contact information

One of the main reasons for creating a wedding website is to harness communication between you and your guests and, other people involved in the planning of the wedding like, vendors and suppliers. For convenience, it is advisable to have a dedicated email address and phone number for the wedding activities. This will ensure that you can conveniently handle all the operations of the wedding and, also interact with all parties involved on one platform.

Location of the wedding

As soon as your family, friends and colleagues know that you are planning a wedding, their next question will be where the occasion will be held. Thus, it is just in order that you also give clear the details of all the venues for the wedding including, reception on the website. In case you are targeting non-locals, it is important to also include information to guide them on how to get to all the venues at their convenience.

Schedule for the wedding

To avoid confusion on the day of the wedding, your website should also provide a detailed timeline; highlighting all the activities of the day. Guests are always very happy when they know in advance, when and where they should be throughout the wedding. But, remember to only give details about activities where all guests all invited to.

At Wedding Website Singapore, we can create for you a custom wedding website with all the features above and, others that you may also want for your big day.

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